Wake Forest's Founding in Wake Forest

January 13, 2016
If you watch college basketball or football, then you have very likely heard of Wake Forest. It's a university which has wonderful athletic and academic programs. However, most people from outside of North Carolina do not realize that Wake Forest is not located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It is today found in Winston-Salem, NC, but was originally founded in the city of Wake Forest.

Wake Forest has a unique appeal, which is why Nilesh Tailor has visited it so frequently. He is fond of the small town feel that one gets there, as the town hosts less than 25,000 people. It is a recreational surprise that is, more and more, attracting the interest of travelers, both from in-state and out-of-state. Nilesh Tailor has even been able to visit the original building where Wake Forest College was located. He is an IT professional who is pleased to be able visit historical locations like this all over the state.